In Belarus, Jewish Kindergarten Gets New Home

BREST, Belarus - In the Belarus city of Brest, three years after the opening of the Ohr Avner Chabad Kindergarten, it has finally relocated to a new spacious building. Today, this educational institution is attended by dozens of children.

Since it is now the summer break, pre-schoolers will settle into their new surroundings with the beginning of the new school year. For now, the youngsters were happy to check out the new building, furniture and toy collection, together with their parents and siblings.

The move was inevitable due to the steady growth of the local Jewish community, led by the city's Chief Rabbi Chaim Rabinovich. It has been over five years now that the Synagogue and Community Center have been operating here, offering a wide array of programs, services and events for members' involvement - including those that are cultural, religious, educational, humanitarian and social in nature.

The Ohr Avner Chabad Kindergarten belongs to an extensive Jewish educational network sponsored by the Ohr Avner Foundation, which is headed and underwritten by Lev Leviev and his wife Olga. The Jewish community of Brest is a member of the Association of Jewish Communities of Belarus, which is affiliated with the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS.



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