Belarus is willing to buy from Russia complex C-400

Belarus is dealing with the issue concerning the acquisition of the antiaircraft-missile complex C-400 from Russia, reported to the BELTA correspondent Major-General Igor Azarionok, the Commander of the military air forces and ABM of Belarus.

"As any other military forces we are striving to improve our armament. We are now elaborating the issue of purchasing and delivering to Belarus various complexes, including the C-400", - said Igor Azarionok.

"We are currently examining the C-400. It is a modern antiaircraft-missile complex, which might be suitable for replacing the existing complexes and allow withstand successfully the prospective means of air attacks. Therefore, such complexes are needed, of course, but on the other hand, the time for such means has not come yet", - said the major-general.

We should remind that at the previous meeting of the Coordination Committee on the issues of ABM at the Council of the CIS Defence Ministers held in July in Moscow Russia voiced its readiness to supply the antiaircraft-missile complex C-400 to Belarus, given the Belarusian side decided to purchase it.


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