Belarus: Russia to cancel the embargo on grain exports before the end of the official term

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, thinks that the Russian Government will take the decision on grain export renewal earlier of the planned term.

According to A.Lukashenko, the Russian Government took the right decision, first of all it is necessary to satisfy the domestic market. But such violent decision caused grain prices fluctuations. Russia should calculate very carefully, what volumes are stocked in the intervention fund, and what crop Russia will harvest.

A.Lukashenko stated that Russia has own principals of business conducting. But economics and especially finances do not like any sudden movements. So, the Russian Government will examine grain export slowdown and will open the gap for grain selling, state the President. He also specified that first of all, he means milling wheat exports.

While talking about Belarus, the President stated that the country will have sufficient grain volumes in order to satisfy the food safety of the population and cattle-breeding demands.


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