Lukashenko aide arrested for speeding

Source Tom Washington

A senior aide to Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko was stopped by police as he sped along the Minsk-Moscow highway on Sunday. He was on a special errand for his president and orders had been given that Belarusian cars should not be stopped.

"Until the 80th kilometre of the Minsk Highway the Belarusian official was escorted by traffic police in Moscow Region," a law enforcement source told Life News. "After that the car continued on its way without escort. A special order had been sent out to all traffic police ordering them to give the green light to foreign cars bearing Belarusian number plates. But the transmission wasn't made and traffic police posts did not receive this information."

On the 131st kilometre officers stopped him, doing 140 kilomtres an hour up the wrong side of the road. "It surprised them when they saw the former Prosecutor General of Belarus, and now assistant to the President Lukashenko," The source said.

The move has caused official outrage with punishment being promised for those who failed to get the message through. It comes just as Russia's two-tier system of road rules is coming again into the spotlight. On Tuesday Novaya Gazeta published a report in which it cited its questions to the Interior Ministry about Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliev's wife's involvement in a fatal car accident earlier this year.


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