Belarus completed the mass grain harvesting campaign

Belarus completed the mass harvesting campaign of grains - agrarians harvested grains throughout 96.1% of the planned areas, declared Vladimir Grakun, the Head of the Main department of plant growing of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus.

According to the specialist, to date agrarians of the country still continue the harvesting campaign of buckwheat and millet. All oblasts of Belarus started the harvesting campaign of maize for silos, Gomel oblast started the harvesting campaign of maize for grain. Agrarians started preparing the soil for winter grains and rapeseed sowing works.

The anomalous heat of the current summer affected the general condition of grain sowings. According to V.Grakun, grain sowings faced rather prompt ripening, grain humidity decreased by 6-8% every day.

At the end of July 2010, Mikhail Rusyi, the Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, declared that the forecasted grain production (taking into account maize volumes) totals 9 mln tonnes. Last week, the Minister reported to Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the State, that in 2010 the general grain production in the country (taking into account maize volumes) will total nearly 8 mln tonnes, or 7 mln tonnes (without maize).

As of August 18, agrarians of Belarus harvested grains and leguminous plants throughout 2240.5 thsd ha. Gomel oblast harvested crops throughout 99.8% of the planned harvesting areas, Mogilev oblast - 98.8%, Brest oblast - 96.8%, Minsk oblast - 95.2%, Grodno oblast - 94.6%, Vitebsk oblast - 93.5%.

Agricultural organizations of the country produced 6637.7 thsd tonnes of grains with the average yield of 29.7 c/ha. Grodno oblast demonstrated the best grain yield results, which totaled 40.5 c/ha. The general grain production in accompaniment with production of farming enterprises and other sowing areas of the population totaled 6975.7 thsd tonnes.


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