Poultry meat export to go up 5 times by 2015 in Belarus

Poultry production in the Repubic of Belarus will double by 2015, Agriculture and Food Minister of Belarus Mikhail Rusyi said in a session of the Council of Ministers' Presidium. "In 2015 the country plans to produce 548,000 tonnes of poultry meat live weight or double the 2009 level", the minister said.

By 2015 the share of poultry meat in the total meat production will increase by 1.5%. Minsk Oblast will lead in the poultry meat production. The production of broilers in Gomel and Grodno Oblasts will double as well.

According to Mikhail Rusyi, the export of poultry meat is expected to increase up to 100,000 tonnes a year, or 5 times, by 2015. The production will be boosted by means of increasing the poultry population to 134 million head in 2015, bringing in the latest breeds and crosses, optimizing the raw material base for production of valuable animal feed, constructing and modernizing production premises using modern technology.

There are plans to increase the average daily weight gain of broilers to 60 grams, up 20% from 2010. In 2015 the agricultural producers of Belarus are projected to manufacture 2.7 billion eggs, up 15% from 2010. Speaking about the results of the current poultry development program designed to run in 2006-2010, Mikhail Rusyi said that poultry meat production targets were annually beaten by 14-25%. By the end of the year 1,310,000 tonnes of poultry meat will be produced, up 23%. The targets regarding the production of eggs were implemented by 100-110% every year. The production of eggs in 2010 will be up 7%, and the five-year production target will be beaten by 4%. "The program gave an impetus to the production and development of the poultry industry of Belarus", said the Minister


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