Belarus: grain production to total about 8 mln tonnes

On August 3, 2010, Vasiliy Pavlovskiy, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, said that in 2010, grain production without maize in the country will total nearly 8 mln tonnes.

The Minister added that the Ministry of Agriculture and Food decided to increase maize grain sowing areas from 141 thsd ha to 200 thsd ha.

The Ministry of Agriculture forecasts that in the current year, the general grain production will form approximately the same level as in the previous year. V.Pavlovskiy noticed that new grain crop volumes and the carry-over stocks, which totaled nearly 1.5 mln tonnes, will fully satisfy the country demands in the current agricultural year. Hard wheat import volumes will reach the same level as last year, and total nearly 30 thsd tonnes.

According to him, Belarus will finish the harvesting campaign by August 7-10 in all oblasts, except of Vitebsk oblast. As of August 3, Belarus harvested 67% of the harvesting areas. The general grain production totaled 5 mln tonnes, the average yield totaled 30.6 c/ha. The Minister stated that in the current year, grain yield is down 8.7 - 8.8 c/ha compared to the last year level due to the heat.

According to forecast of the Ministry of Agriculture, the country will start the mass harvesting of spring rapeseed in 15 days.

Due to the anomaly weather conditions, the range of Belarusian regions have already shifted the schedule of preparation for winter crops sowing works.


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