Polish Kulczyk Holding to develop a power plant in Belarus

Kulczyk Holding owned by Polish tycoon Jan Kulczyk and Belarusian Grodnoenergo, Belarusian power engineering company, signed an agreement on investment cooperation, the Belarusian Embassy told the Polish News Agency (PAP) on Thursday. The agreement concerns the construction of a coal-fuelled power plant in Belarus, in Zelwa (near Hrodna, close to the border with Poland and Lithuania).

"By virtue of this contract, a power plant with the capacity of 920 MW and a cross-border transmission line with direct current insertion will be developed in Belarus. Polish company PSE Operator will be responsible for the construction on the Polish side and a Polish-Belarusian company will look over the work carried out in Belarus" the Embassy informed.

The investment in Belarus requires the construction of power infrastructure i.e. transmission lines which will link the plant with Belarusian power system. The next step in the cooperation between Kulczyk Holding and Grodnoenergo is to establish Polish-Belarusian companies to execute the project.

In the beginning of this year, Polish Minister of the Economy Waldemar Pawlak informed that the construction of a coal-fuelled power plant in Belarus with the participation of a Polish investor was planned for 2014, notes.

Kulczyk Holding's spokesperson Marta Wysocka told PAP that the beginning of the construction is planned for the turn of 2011 and 2012. It should be finished in 2015.

"This plant will be the most modern in the world and CO2 emission will be lower than in the currently operating plants in Poland where almost half of blocs require urgent modernisation. However, the cost of this project however" Jan Kulczyk told Belarus is not bound by EU carbon dioxide emission limit


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