Teens detained after Polish cemetery vandalised in Brest, Belarus

By Gemma Fox.

Brest - Police in western Belarus have detained three teenagers who are accused of vandalising a Polish cemetery in the town of Brest on the night of August 25.

The Polish cemetery in Pushkinska Street in the eastern side of the town of Brest suffered severe damage as 60 graves were vandalised by the three teens on the night of August 25.

The teens, two who are aged 16 and one aged 15, are accused of vandalising the graves in an alcohol fuelled rage. However, it's understood that police will have to release the 15-year old who is considered too young to be charged.

The 16-year old's will face either a fine or up to a possible three years in prison.

The Catholic cemetery was built in the 19th century and the oldest grave there is dated 1835 and the cemetery is the final resting place of many officers, doctors and lawyers who died during the Polish-Soviet war of 1918-1920.

The Soviet authorities closed down the cemetery in 1942.


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