Russia, Belarus to invest in Ghana's oil and gas sector


Russia and Belarus have expressed their interest to invest US$1 billion in Ghana's economy, especially in the oil and gas industry.

A delegation of businessmen from Russia and Belarus called on Ghana's Vice Presi dent John Dramani Mahama on Wednesday to outline areas of cooperation and investments.

They also mentioned fertilizer production, security and safety services, product ion and assembling of tractors and other automobiles as areas they were interested in.

Mr Tkachuk Anatoly, leader of the delegation, said: ''We want to be part of Ghan a's success story...We shall be ready to invest in the areas of trade, industry and agriculture.''

He said the projects, which would be initiated under various investment arrangem ents in partnership with the Ghana government, were expected to generate employment for more than one million people.

The delegation announced that Belarus would set up an embassy in Ghana soon.

Vice President Mahama called for closer collaboration between Ghanaian and Russi an business communities.

He said Ghana was lagging behind in terms of infrastructure development and it w ould be a blessing if Russian businesses would support their Ghanaian counterparts to develop ports, railways, airports and the agriculture a nd education sectors.

The Vice President said apart from partnership at governmental level, there was the need for collaboration between their private sectors, which could create more jobs for the youth and facilitate national development.


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