EU to fund higher education for Belarus students

The European Commission has allocated nearly 5 million euros to fund higher education in Europe for students from 10 universities in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.

The European Commission is funding the second component of the Erasmus Mundus program for universities in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova, the European Radio for Belarus, ERB, reported Friday.

Apart from the Belarus State University and Brest State University, the consortium also includes 2 universities from Moldova, 6 from Ukraine and 8 from Europe.

"The total budget of the consortium is nearly 5 million euros. The budget is for 48 months", says Vyachaslau Shelegeika, education and culture project coordinator at the Representative Office of the European Commission in Minsk.

In the framework of the project, 65 exchanges for students, post-graduates and professors from Belarus are planned. They can continue their education at universities in Finland, France, Germany as well as Lithuania, Greece, Italy, Poland and Portugal.


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