Belarus produced over 4 mln tonnes of grains

Agricultural enterprises of Belarus produced over 4 mln tonnes of grains, announced the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus.

As of July 31, 2010, Belarus harvested grains and leguminous plants throughout 1300 thsd ha, which totaled 53.4% from the general harvesting areas.

To date, the average yield of grains and leguminous plants totaled 31 c/ha, and the general production volumes of grains - 4028.7 thsd tonnes.

The Ministry informed that as of July 31, the country harvested malting barley throughout 64 thsd ha, or 75.5% from the general harvesting areas, and produced 222.7 thsd tonnes of malting barley, the average yield totaled 34.8 c/ha. Agrarians harvested winter rapeseed throughout 246.9 thsd ha (90.9%), and produced 398 thsd tonnes of the oilseed with the average yield of 16.1 c/ha.


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