Turkmenistan selects applicants to study in Belarus

The Turkmen State University named after Makhtumkuli, the National Institute of Sports and Tourism of Turkmenistan, the Turkmen State Institute of Transport and Communication, the Turkmen Agricultural University, the Turkmen State Medical Institute, the Turkmen Polytechnic Institute, the Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management announced the admission of documents to higher and secondary specialized educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus for the 2010/2011 academic year.

As the correspondent reports from Ashgabat, the announcement with the rules and list of disciplines was placed in Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper today. Turkmen citizens under 35 with secondary or vocational education are invited to apply to universities and those with secondary education to the secondary vocational establishments based on the results of entrance examinations on a competitive basis. Admission of documents will be carried out from 15 to 31 August 2010 in Ashgabat and provincial centers by the selection committee of relevant Turkmen universities.

Education in the educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus will be both paid and free of charge. Entrance examinations will be conducted on the basis of the program of the secondary schools of Turkmenistan in the official language. All applicants will be also interviewed for knowledge of the Russian language. Entrance exams and selection will be carried out in the relevant institutions from 3 to 10 September 2010.


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