Sunday, September 11, 2005

Russia to Sell Air Defense Systems to Belarus

It is reported that Russia will sell S-300 Air Defense systems to Belarus.

It was noted in Belarus ONT TV news that according to the agreement that was signed after two years of negotiations, the system will be delivered to Belarus soon.

It is noted that this system has the capacity to hit 24 targets including planes and missiles at the same time in a 150 km. range..

Israel Cancels Handover Ceremony for Gaza

It is reported that the Israel Army cancelled the handover ceremony of Gaza, using the Palestinian demonstrators as an excuse.

Israel Military authorities noted that this event will not affect Israel's withdrawal from Gaza after 39 years of occupation.

Palestinians decided not to participate in the ceremony defending that there were still unsolved problems with Israel, including the discussion of the control over the crossing point, which has a vital importance in the Gaza-Egypt boarder.