09/23/2005 11:35

Belarus harvested 7.025 mln t grains, a minister told Lukashenko

Belarusian governmental agency BelTA informed that on September 22 Belarus' President Alexander Lukashenko had received Minister of Statistics and Analysis Vladimir Zinovsky who reported to the nation's ruler about grain crop performances in the country.

Lukashenko has been said to have earlier given strict orders to farm officials so that crop reportings be kept strictly to the fact, which concerns both state-controlled agricultural enterprises and private individuals, turning out agricultural products.

According to the news agency, Zinovsky has reported to the president that Belarusian agricultural producers, who include both state-run farming units and individuals, keeping small farming plots, have up to now produced 7.025 million tonnes of grains not including maize.

Maize crop has been estimated in the vicinity of about 150,000 tonnes and Belarus' total grain crop, according to the news agency making reference to president's press-service, is expected to reach some 7.2 million tonnes in initial weight.

This is said to be completely enough to meet the country's domestic needs.