Belarus: Polina Smolova (2006) in Eurodance contest with the song 'Biser'

Fotis Konstantopoulos reporting from Athens (Greece)

Polina Smolova with the remix of "Biser" has been selected for 2006 Eurodance Song Festival, a web song contest with dance entries from all over Europe and the Mediterranean Area. The aim of this project is to promote dance productions in local languages, or with strong links to national culture.

A panel of disc jockeys, journalists and producers has selected the 40 songs taking part this year, including Smolova for Belarus with the remix of "Biser". All the 40 entries will be voted by experts (disc jockeys and music producers), Eurodance fans and listeners of radio stations that follow the event (among them the French webradio Pulsradio, which is one of the 10 leading stations on the net and Beirutnights, one of the most popular stations on the web playing dance and mediterranean hits since 1999.

This year, for the very first time, users have the chance to cast their votes directly from the official website of Eurodance Special radio shows and "one night parties" will be organized in clubs all over Europe. The final results of the competition will be published in January 2007.