Italian family is hiding a girl from Belarus

Italian police have been searching for a girl from Belarus, who arrived in the Apennines for vacation and is still being held in her host family.

Vika Moroz, a 10-year-old orphan from Belarus, arrived in Genoa this summer for vacation and medical treatment, but when the time came to return back home, her Italian host family refused to let the girl go back home, motivating it by their concern for Vika. On September 8, the Italians failed to bring the child to her teachers and hided her.

The Belarusian side has called the Giusto-Bornacin family to let the girl go. The Italian government supports the claim of the Belarusian government to bring the child back. The Italian police are searching for Vika. As Newsru reports, in an interview to La Repubblica Maria Bornacin said she "would rather go to jail than let send the girl back to Belarus, where she is regularly taunted.