Leader of largest Belarussian criminal grouping arrested in Moscow

GOMEL, Belarus, September 7 (Itar-Tass) - At the tip from Belarussian Interior agencies, Moscow police have detained the leader of the largest Belarussian criminal community calling itself the Firemen, Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov said here Thursday.

As he addressed the joint session of collegiums - highest departmental consultative and decision-making bodies - of the two ministries, Naumov said: "The arrested man, Gennady Berezin, is suspected of a number of heinous crimes on the territory of Belarus, including in the Gomel region."

The joint operation resulted in an arrest of two members of another Belarussian criminal grouping captained by a certain Morozov.

"All in all, ten people involved in the operations of those groupings will be extradited from Russia to Belarus shortly," Naumov said.

"This is the most impressive result of interaction between Belarussian and Russian Interior agencies, since criminals are being arrested and have no chance of evading punishment under law," he said.