Opportunities for Lankan students to study in Belarus


COLOMBO: The opportunity of obtaining quality Eastern European medical education at a cost that suits the pocket is now available for those who aspire to become doctors, Prof. Konstantin Boloboshko, a representative from the Vitebsk State Medical University of Belarus said at a press conference held in Colombo recently.

Prof. Boloboshko is the Head of Thaumatology and Orthopaedics Department and Deputy Head of Foreign Students Admission. He is in Sri Lanka to conduct a series of seminars to inform the public on medical education at the Eastern European University of VSMU.

Vitebsk State Medical University ranks as the best of its kind (Health Ministry, Belarus) in the Republic of Belarus.

It was established in 1934 at the city of Vitebsk, the cultural capital of the country. Republic of Belarus is a former Soviet satellite country bordered by Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

Currently the university has over 500 foreign students studying medicine, dentistry and pharmacy including students from Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Syria and Lebanon.

According to Prof. Boloboshko, the University offers a six-year medical degree program where at the completion of the course, students will be awarded the title 'Doctor of Medicine' (MD).

He further said that the degree awarded is duly recognised by the relevant authority bodies such as World Health Organisation, Sri Lanka Medical Council, UK Medical Council and US Medical Council.

He further stated that the academic staff of the university is well qualified in all of the respective subjects and that they strive to give off their best when teaching the students.

The university will also provide hostel and recreational facilities to the students. The students are also encouraged to undertake research work at various departments.

Prof. Boloboshko said that the university has a well tested rating system to assess the student's knowledge which has three steps of computer-based tests, practical skill analysis and a viva-voce examination.

PATHE Academy(Overseas Students Placement Department) is organising these seminars in collaboration with VSMU.