Belarus Girl: Ambassador Proposed Joint Team Of Doctors

(AGI) - Genoa, Sept 13 - Trying to convince the foster parents of the 10 year old Belarus girl kept in Italy beyond the deadline for repatriation, the ambassador of the Belarus republic, Alexei Skripko, proposed the assistance of a joint team of doctors "granting international targets. In this way the girl will have a treatment no other Belarus child of her age has ever had. It is necessary that the girl is taken in her home country: staying in Italy is not doing her any good, nor is it to the other Belarus children not knowing today what is going to happen tomorrow". On the other hand, Alessandro Giusto, 31 years old, engineer, foster father of the girl, firmly refused this proposal in a telephone conversation: "This proposal was already made privately two weeks ago. The problem is the girl's tendency to self-destruction. She does not stop saying she is going to kill herself if we send her back home. We do not trust the guarantees given by Belarus authorities and the Italian government representatives should not trust them either". Giusto re-launched his offer to pay for a Belarus medical team supporting the Italian team in Italy. "We trust in an intervention in this sense by Italian diplomacy", he concluded.