Belarus Girl. Parents: Still No Guarantees

(AGI) - Genoa, Sept.13 - There are still no sufficient guarantees safeguarding the girl, who is still being kept hidden. The position of Maria Chiara Bornacin and Alessandro Giusto, who were entrusted a 10 year-old girl from Belarus, doesn't change, despite the order of the juvenile court, which sets she should be given to an Italian structure before being repatriated. The couple is keeping her hidden to avoid the repatriation to her country, where - the girl claims (fact confirmed by medical examinations) - she repeatedly suffered violence and abuses. "We still have not been notified any warrant - said the couple, after meeting their lawyers - Anyway, even though we appreciate the court's effort, we are keeping her hidden, because there are no sufficient guarantees for the safeguard of her physical and mental health. We met the Belarus ambassador yesterday: he is worried about legal procedures, we are worried about the girl's state. He also threatened us, claiming that our behaviour is interrupting the procedures for international adoptions and stays in Italy of children from Belarus. We believe we are doing the right thing to keep the child hidden".(AGI) -