Belarus Opposition Leader Urges EU, U.S. to Ignore Results of Russia Union Vote


A former rival to Belarus' president Alexander Lukashenko, opposition leader, Alexander Milinkevich, has called on the European Union and the U.S. to ignore the results of a referendum on establishing the Union State of Belarus and Russia if the vote ever takes place, the Interfax news agency reports.

"I have the following stance which I voice at all international meetings: the EU and the USA should unanimously state prior to the referendum that it is illegitimate and its results will not be acknowledged," Milinkevich said during an online conference.

The conference materials were released by Milinkevich's press service today. He stressed that "if the referendum is called, we are ready for street protests". He intends to conduct "an extensive media campaign" so that people become "aware of the dangers of unification".

Milinkevich said that European leaders are "also concerned by a possible incorporation of Belarus into Russia". "There is an understanding that it represents a threat to stability and security in Europe," he said.