KGB list of terrorist organizations to be published in Belarus

The Council of Ministers of Belarus has adopted the decision No 1061 "On the order of conducting and publication of the list of the terrorist organizations", online paper reports. The list it is entrusted to be put together by the State Security Committee (KGB) of Belarus. By the way, the security officers in this case have been actually allocated the role of secretaries as the decision whom to include in the given list will be made by the country's Supreme Court, online paper comments. The process is supposed to be made as much as possible transparent: according to the document, the list of the terrorist organizations is a subject to publication in the Belarus newspapers in a three-day's term from the date of its receipt from the KGB.

The list should contain the following data: the name of the terrorist organization, its registration number and date of registration, the name of registering body, location and the legal address of the terrorist organization, and also "a surname, a name, a patronymic of the head, the chief accountant of the organization and (or) other authorized official". Thus, as a strict measure it is enough to send to the legal address of an organization a KGB controlling squad; after their visit any terrorist organization will behave more silently than water below the grass, sneers

Earlier the chief of the Centre of the information and public relations of the KGB of Belarus Valery Nadtochayev had announced that no terrorist organization operates in the country's territory. He told this, making comments on the decision of the Council of Ministers of Belarus on the order of conducting and publication of the list of the terrorist organizations, news agency Interfax reports. Nadtochaev underlined that "attempts of displays of extremism and terrorism concerning Belarus are observed coming from the certain circles abroad". He reminded that the KGB leadership had repeatedly declared this, in particular, on the eve of the presidential elections.