New Belarus Memorial Honors Holocaust Victims

BREST, Belarus - In the Brest Region of Belarus, work has begun on erecting a memorial to commemorate local Jews who lost their lives during World War Two. Moderate estimates hold that more than 3,000 innocent civilians of Jewish ethnicity were murdered here. In fact, the monument is being established on the very site where their lives were taken by occupying Nazi forces, near the village of Smolyarka.

As explained by Boris Bruk, the Chairman of the Jewish community of Brest, the funds necessary for the monument's creation were donated by the Lazarus family of England. As well, funding that went towards clearing out and landscaping the territory where the memorial is to be situated was contributed by the Arslanov family, which is headed by a prominent local entrepreneur.

Made of black granite, the text on the facade is to be written in three languages - Hebrew, Belorussian, and English - in order that all visitors to this site are aware the significance of this monument. Prepared by masters in Minsk, its inauguration ceremony is slated to take place on October 12th, the date when residents of Berez-Kartuzskiy and the Brest ghetto were murdered.

This same place, near the village of Smolyarka, is also known to many residents of Belarus as the burial site where the 52nd Red Army battalion was discovered in May 2006.

The Jewish community of Brest is a member of the Association of Jewish Communities of Belarus, which belongs to the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS.



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