Belarus harvested a record crop due to use of intensive technologies, say officials

The predictions of scientists regarding Belarusian grain harvest came true, and has even exceeded earlier forecasts. Belarusian farmers now expect a harvest of 9.3 mln tonnes grain in bunker weight, or 8.3 mln tonnes in debugged weight, according to Constantine Shashko, the leading research worker of the Agriculture Science-practical centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

One of the main factors, which increased the grain harvest, was the perfection of specific and varied structures of sowed areas - as farmers increased the growing of high-yield triticale and wheat. Also, favorable weather conditions influenced the volume of crops. Thus, winter grains had a higher yield compared to previous years. An average yield totaled 38.8 c/ha, up 8.3 c/ha compared to 2007.

According to C.Shashko, each year, over the past ten years, Belarus increased its grain yield by 1.5 c/ha. However, in 2008, this yield increased due to the intensification of production and the total maintenance of all processes. As a reminder, in 1998 an average yield only totaled 19.1 c/ha, in 2007 - 28.5 c/ha, while in 2008 it rose to 38.8 c/ha.



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