Belarus: maximum purchasing prices for vegetables established

In Belarus, the maximum level of the purchasing prices for potatoes and vegetables was set for sales to the stabilization funds, reported T. Karbanovich, the head of the department on production, processing and trade of fruit and vegetable production of the Ministry of Agriculture of Belarus, to IA BELTA. The maximum purchasing prices were established according to the governmental resolution about creation of the stabilization funds for food commodities in Belarus.

The joint resolution of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economics recommends setting an optimal level of purchasing prices for sales of production of this year harvest to the stabilization funds - for potatoes, cabbage, beet, carrot, onion and apples in the period since September 15 till November 15 of this year. The stabilization funds should accept food potatoes at the prices not less than $246 per tonne (without VAT ant transport costs). White cabbage will be accepted at $260/t, table beet - $236/t, carrot- $298/t, onion - $436/t. The stabilization funds will accept autumn apples of the first variety at $710/t, winter apples of the first variety -$947/t.

The specialist noted that regional executive committees were recommended setting the maximum prices for potatoes and fruits and vegetables based on the local conditions of production and selling, expected yield as well as rise in prices for material and technical resources used in agriculture. At that, the retail prices for this production should be acceptable for population. The agricultural organizations may freely establish the purchasing prices for potatoes and fruits and vegetables, sold not to the stabilization funds, taking into account market opportunities.



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