Belarus increases list of products for possible export limitations

Belarus has expanded the number of products whose export may be limited in the future to prevent shortages in the domestic markets, according to government officials.

Government decree 1276 included products which could be restricted to include fresh and cooled peas, dried peas, maize, barley and oat flour, fine and coarse grinding flour and powder from dried peas. Also, mustard and colza seeds, fine and coarse grinding flour from seed and products from oilseeds or its fractions. Additionally, lupine and lupine seed was added to the list.

Crude or refined maize and colza oils, and its fractions, without chemistry changes, mixtures or finished products made from different vegetable fats and oils, were also included on the list.

Other products the government added for possible export limitations were cakes and other hard waste made from soy, sun, rape and colza oils and wheat bran, chaff and other remains of screening, grinding or other grain and legume processing.

The list will allow the Ministry to control the selling of these products to avoid shortages on the domestic market and guarantee food security in the country, according to the Ministry of Trade.



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