Belarus export to Estonia increased to 236 million dollars within seven months of 2008

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn

Belarus export to Estonia increased to 236 million US dollars within the first seven months of the year 2008, which is 2,5 times more than last year same time, the Baltic Business News Channel informed.

According to Aleksander Ostrovski, a consul of Belarus in Tallinn, the trade turnover between Estonia and Belarus grown to 266 million US dollars.

Ostovski said that Belarus exported 200 different products into Estonia, paper and alcohol among them.

Ostrovski states that in September a group of more than 20 construction enterprise leaders are to arrive in Estonia to get acquainted with the business environment of the country. Estonian businessmen are expected to visit Minsk in November.

Three years ago Estonian investments into Belarus were nearly 6 million US dollars, in 2007 the number reached 50 US dollars, and in the first quarter of this year the investments were more than 29 million US dollars.



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