Belarus' election campaign gathers pace

The election campaign in Belarus has been gathering momentum, Secretary of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus Nikolai Lozovik told BelTA.

"Candidates for deputies have launched all forms of the election campaign including meetings with voters, leaflets, TV and radio appearances," Nikolai Lozovik said.

The election campaign will last till September 27 and will be conducted simultaneously with the early elections which start on September 23. The contenders will complete TV and radio appearances before the early elections, but will continue distributing printed matter and meeting with the electorate, the CEC Secretary said.

Over 280 contenders have been registered for the parliamentary elections in Belarus. Candidates can publish election programmes in one of the following newspapers: Zvyazda, Narodnaya Gazeta, Respublika, Belarusskaya Niva and also in regional newspapers. Speeches of the candidates are broadcast by Lad TV channel, STV and Stolitsa radio station.

Budget funds will be allocated for the production of election leaflets. Candidates for deputies will be provided with free premises for meetings with the electorate. The district election commissions are due to inform the public on the date and the venue of such meetings.



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