Belarus: vegetable production to total not less 2.1 mln tonnes in 2008

The production volume of vegetables in all farms of Belarus in 2008 should total not less than 2.1 mln tonnes, Tatyana Karbanovich, the Head of Department on Production, Processing and Trade of fruit and vegetable produce of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, reported to Interfax-Zapad.

"Last year the country produced 2.153 mln tonnes of vegetables. In 2008, the agricultural organizations are to receive not less than 335.000 tonnes of vegetables (taking into account green house vegetables) against 298.900 tonnes last year. This year, 17.100 ha are sowed under vegetable crops in the public sector, up 1% compared to the last year," - T. Karbanovich said.

The specialist of the Ministry of Agriculture noted expanding of the sowing areas under some crops. In particular, the sowing areas under canning-pea increased by 32% to 4.600 ha as compared to 2007, onion-up 14% to 3.200 ha, white cabbage - up 5% to 2.300 ha. "Assortment of vegetable crops, including black-eyed peas and sweet corn, substantially increased. Over 500 ha were allocated under non-conventional vegetable crops,-" she added.

According to the information of the Ministry of Agriculture of Belarus, as of September 4, the agricultural organizations of the country have harvested 3.400 ha (20% from the plan). In total, the country harvested 19.563 tonnes of vegetables with the yield at 57.5 c/ha. Cabbage is harvested throughout 3.100 tonnes, table beet - 450 tonnes, carrot- 626 tonnes, onion - 1.563 tonnes, canning-pea-10.400 tonnes.

During January-July, the greenhouse plants produced 52.200 tonnes, up 1.200 tonnes as compared to the same period last year. At that, the production of cucumbers totaled 28.100 tonnes, tomatoes - 23.600 tonnes, other crops - 500 tonnes.



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