Military cooperation will be one of keystones in Belarus-China relations, Belarusian president says

Cooperation in the military and technical area will be one of the keystones in the relations between Belarus and China, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated at a meeting with Defence Minister of the People's Republic of China Liang Guanglie on September 11.

According to the Head of State, Belarus and China have established "very good relations that have great prospects". This pertains to all cooperation areas, from political to military-technical ones, reported Belta.

The President of Belarus said: "In the course of the meeting with the PRC Chairman in Beijing in August, we voiced unanimously our common interests in developing bilateral links. I offered the Head of the People's Republic of China to set up a special group for Belarus-China cooperation. The most important thing, however, is to elaborate global and strategic proposals on cooperation."

The Head of State said that the military-political situation in the West is not favourable: "We are concerned about Nato eastward expansion and deployment of the US anti-missile defence units at the Belarusian borders, other military developments in the West. That is why we pay great attention to building up Belarus' defence capacity".

The President said that the development of the military industrial complex of Belarus is quite at a high level which enables us to improve the defence capacity of the state. "We would like to use the cooperation with China to raise this level. We hope that the cooperation with China will help us bring our defense capacity to even a higher level. We would like this visit to match this high level to advance our cooperation forward," Alexander Lukashenko said.

The President is confident that Belarus and China will be able to achieve good results in the military and technical cooperation.

During the meeting, Alexander Lukashenko spoke about the Olympics: "It would not be nice if we did not speak about the Olympic Games in China. At present China is hosting the Paralympic Games. The organization of the Olympic Games was brilliant. When, prior to the Olympic Games, I was asked about the Olympics I said that China had already won it by just staging such an opening ceremony. I also expressed my confidence that Chinese athletes will score the greatest number of medals. So they did and I congratulate you on this. We treat China's successes with great respect. We are proud that we have such close relations with such a huge and prosperous country as the People's Republic of China".



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