Janssens joins Greenfield team to head marketing drive

Marc Janssens has been appointed director of marketing by Greenfield Project Management, which is developing plans for a giant biofuels refinery in Belarus.

Marc Janssens, a Belgian entrepreneur with extensive sales and marketing experience, has been appointed as director of marketing by Greenfield Project Management.

Mr Janssens also has international experience as an account executive for companies such as McCann Erickson and United States Container Lines and has led trade missions for the Flemish regional government.

Apart from his career in Europe, Mr Janssens has considerable experience both as an entrepreneur and business executive in the USA, Latin America and Russia.

Announcing the appointment, Greenfield ceo Michael Rietveld said: 'As a consultant, Marc has been enthusiastically involved in Greenfield from the beginning. His wisdom and experience have been most helpful at crucial stages, and he will have a key role in the branding and general presentation of the project as we proceed with its development.

'We are very glad that he has been able to take up this position, and we are sure his work will enable many aspects of our marketing and sales activity as we move towards implementation of our biorefinery.'

Greenfield plans to build a multi-fuel biorefinery at Mozyr, Belarus. Producing bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas and green electricity, the plant will use biomass residues from the preceding stage as all or part of the feedstock for the next stage. Ethanol output is expected to top 550,000,000 litres annually.

Mr Rietveld added that Greenfield plans to conclude an offtake agreement for the ethanol output from its Belarus plants which will see it blended with petrol to supply E5, E10 and E85 to thirsty European markets.

'Mr Janssens will have a central role in developing our plans in of export sales of ethanol/petrol blends,' he stated.

Marc Janssens is fluent in English, Dutch, French and German.

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