2008 elections in Belarus meant to destroy old stereotypes

The 2008 parliamentary elections in Belarus are designed to destroy the old stereotypes that exist in the international community. An unprecedented political decision was made: all the recorded television and radio presentations of the candidates will be broadcast one more time before the start of the early vote, Lidia Yermoshina, the chief of the Belarusian Central Election Commission (CEC), told a press conference in Minsk on September 12, reported BELTA.

"By doing this we wanted to demonstrate the international observers that we are willing to cooperate," Lidia Yermoshina said. Apart from that, it was aimed at stirring up the course of the election campaign.

The decision to broadcast the candidates' presentations one more time was taken by the CEC together with the Belarusian Television and Radio Company. The presentations will be aired on September 15 -23 at 7-8 pm.

The CEC chief noted that according to the OSCE, the election campaign in Belarus is too quiet. Lidia Yermoshina said that "much depends on candidates and their way to run an election campaign." Many candidates did not even use their right for a presentation they are entitled to.

"Talking about the recording of the presentations, I would like to say that no issues emerged here. Some candidates were, however, unhappy that their air time was shifted a bit," the CEC chief noted.



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