EU attitude to Belarus changes, foreign minister says

The Belarusian side has noticed changes in the attitude towards Belarus in the document adopted by the Foreign Ministers of the EU countries in Brussels on September 15, Press Secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Popov told reporters.

"We have noticed a EU attempt to pursue the policy of improving the bilateral cooperation between Belarus and EU. This fact imbues us with optimism. Although EU was not able to get rid of its inherent inertia in the approaches to our state," the official of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus said, reported BELTA.

"I would like to turn the attention to that part of the document that contains the information about the forthcoming parliamentary elections. The leadership of the country has repeatedly stated its intention to hold open and democratic elections. Belarus is not going to evade its commitments," Andrei Popov added.

"We would like to see concrete steps from the European Union," he said.



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