Belarusian opposition activists gather for unsanctioned rally in Minsk

MINSK. Sept 16 (Interfax) - Belarusian opposition activists are holding an unsanctioned rally in Minsk on Tuesday.

About 40 people gathered on Oktyabrskaya Square to form a line and hold pictures of missing Belarusian politicians and journalists and also white-red-white flags and European Union flags.

Taking part in the rally, among others, are Untied Civil Party leader Anatoly Lebedko, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party of Communists of Belarus Sergei Kalyakin, and prominent opposition politician Alexander Kozulin's daughter Olga.

Five minutes after the rally was started, police began ousting its participants from Oktyabrskaya Square, after which the demonstrators, accompanied by police, marched along Internatsionalnaya Street toward the embankment of the river Svisloch.

Politician Viktor Gonchar and businessman Anatoly Krasovsky went missing on September 16, 1999, former Belarusian Interior Minister Yury Zakharenko in May 1999, and cameraman of the Belarusian office of the Russian TV channel ORT Dmitry Zavadsky in July 2000.



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