Belarus develops industrial wine-making in partnership with Russia and Moldova

The project of Gomelsk regional association of fruit and vegetable producers on supplying raw material to the joint Belarus-Moldavian wine-making enterprise at the expense of Gomelsk viticulture has been already started, "Vremya Souza" reported.

According to Zoya Kozlovskaya, the manager of selection of fruit culture department of Gomelsk research agrarian institute and doctor of agricultural science, "grape is a well-known crop for Belarus, it had been cultivated here in industrial volumes till 1970s. But then they stopped harvesting such volumes. These traditions were saved only by the fruit-growers-amateurs. The agrarian exhibitions show that industrial and table varieties successfully bear fruit in the small private farms in the South of Belarus. Currently, the farmers return to grape cultivation. An industrial plantation of red grape varieties has recently appeared in Pinski region of Brest oblast".

The Hungarian varieties of industrial green grapes Kristall and Bianka, destined for Gomelsk, were brought from Rostov oblast of Russia, where they showed high harvests, standing cold weather similar to the Belarusan one. Rostov vine will be adapted to Gomelsk conditions by the local agrarian enterprise "Kombinat "Vostok". Supplies of analogous varieties from Moldova are also possible. Anatoli Deikun, the director of "Vostok", said "in 2009 we establish the first plantation of 10 ha, in 2010 - the second one of the same area. It is necessary to choose specialists and train people".



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