Special procedures for importing Belarusian automobiles to Russia still in place

The special procedures for importing Belarusian automobiles to Russia are still in place, Chairman of the State Customs Committee of Belarus (SCC) Alexander Shpilevsky told media in Minsk on September 19.

In his opinion, it is more a political issue than a customs issue. This is why policy-making bodies have to make a decision, reported BELTA.

Nikolai Bursh, head of the SCC customs control organisation department, reminded Russia had introduced vehicle import certificates, including certificates for vehicles registered in Belarus. So far changes have been applied to regular buses: the certificates for them are effective for up to 6 months. No changes have been made regarding other Belarusian vehicles.

The issue has been repeatedly discussed by the joint board of the Union State Customs Committee. So far Russia is unwilling to cancel vehicle import certificates due to different customs duties on imported cars in Belarus and Russia. "This is why the issue has not been resolved, unfortunately," concluded Nikolai Bursh.



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