Unprecedented conditions set up in Belarus for open election campaign, president says

There have been set up all unprecedented conditions for an open election campaign in Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko said at a session on the issues related to the process of the election campaign in the country on September 22, reported Belta.

The Belarusian leader stated that all those willing to observe the parliamentary elections were invited to Belarus.

"To date over 400 international observers have been accredited. By Sunday this figure will grow 2.5 times," the President briefed.

Notwithstanding the international reaction, no one would be allowed to undermine the process of the election campaign. "Agitation will be allowed neither in Minsk no in other towns of the country. Although disorders can arise only in Minsk to show that "the power is rotting" or something like that," the President said.

"The elections have not started yet but the opposition has already been threatening us with a boycott. There are no results of the elections yet and they are already ready to organize something similar to the Ukrainian variant. They do not know how to dissemble their helplessness and do not disgrace themselves with their low authority in their own country," Alexander Lukashenko said.

Nearly 85% of the Belarusian people intend to partake in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. Sociological polls conducted in the country testified to the fact, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said. "It is quite a large amount. The majority of the people consider it their civil duty," the Head of State said.

Alexander Lukashenko believes that the observers should not put pressure upon the election commissions. "I would like to emphasis that only the members and chairpersons of the district election commissions, the Central Election Commission decide upon all major issues related to the parliamentary elections in Belarus," the Head of State said.

Belarus is interested in a new parliament to be recognized in the international arena. "However, it is not as an end in itself. More important is to see that the newly-elected parliament enjoy prestige, first of all, with our citizens," the Belarusian Head of State underlined.



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