Stability Will Be Preserved During Elections, Belarus President Vowed

Belarus' President Alexander Lukashenko pledged to secure stability during parliamentary elections, RIA Novosti announced.

Parliamentary elections in Belarus have been slated for September 28. The better part of the opposition had boycotted presidential campaign but the opposition parties nominated leaders to the parliament. The plans of the opposition are to rally September 28, when the polling stations are closed, in protest against the parliamentary elections in the republics. According to the opposition, the country has no conditions for democratic elections.

"No one will be allowed to shatter Belarus no matter the global response," Lukashenko announced Monday during the meeting dedicated to the arrangement of parliamentary elections.

"I will make no secret of our interest in the international recognition of our new parliament. The conditions of unprecedented openness have been created in the country," the president emphasized.

"The observers shouldn't pressurize election commissions. I would like to point out that the commission chiefs and commission chairpersons are the masters at the district election commissions," Lukashenko said.

Roughly 85 percent of Belarus citizens will attend parliamentary elections, the president forecasted.



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