Russia, Belarus Start Stability-2008 Joint Exercise

Text of report by Russian Zvezda TV, Defence Ministry controlled, promotes patriotic values, on 22 September

[Presenter] Russia and Belarus have started the Stability-2008 joint exercise. At training ranges from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean, military headquarters of joint forces will practise joint efforts in the elimination [of consequences] of terrorist acts, natural and technogenic disasters. Therefore, in addition to the military, Emergencies Ministry and Interior Ministry forces and some other agencies are involved in the manoeuvres. In addition, combat aviation will take part in the exercise too.

[Vladimir Drik, head of the Russian Air Force information and public relations service, by telephone] In order to practise practical tasks, [the exercise] involves fighter, bomber, attack and army aviation, units of missile air defence troops, and radio- technical support units.

Also, in October, subunits of the Long-Range Aviation will take part in the Stability-2008 strategic command post exercise. The main objectives and tasks for the crews of the Long-Range Aviation will be to check the combat readiness of its formations and military units. The head of the Air Force information and public relations service, Lt-Col Vladimir Drik.

Originally published by Zvezda TV, Moscow, in Russian 1200 22 Sep 08.



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