Lukashenka warns he won't allow "disturbances"

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has warned that he would not allow any "disturbances" in Minsk and other cities in Belarus over the country`s parliamentary elections, BelaPAN said.

Speaking at a Monday government meeting on the ongoing parliamentary campaign, the Belarusian leader expressed confidence that the country`s opposition "is ready to stage something similar to Ukraine`s scenario," referring to the Orange Revolution that swept pro-Western reformers to power.

"Have a look. The elections have not yet begun, but the opposition is already threatening with the boycott and collecting tents to organize one more Maidan [Kyiv`s site of mass protests during the Orange Revolution] when polling stations will close," government official information sources quoted Mr. Lukashenka as saying at the meeting.

Mr. Lukashenka expressed the opinion that the opposition could stage "distrurbances" only in Minsk because it wanted nothing but a "show."

He said that the opposition "does not know how to conceal feebleness and not to disgrace itself in front of the entire world because of its low popularity."

He said that the maintenance of "discipline, peace and stability" during the election campaign was the function of law-enforcement agencies.



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