Early voting starts in Belarus

The early voting of the elections to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the fourth convocation started in Belarus on September 23, BelTA learnt from Secretary of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Nikolai Lozovik.

Within the five days of the early voting, the Belarusian citizens will be able to vote in their polling stations from 10a.m. till 2p.m. and from 4p.m. till 7p.m. Early voting guarantees to every citizen of the country the implementation of the universal suffrage: in case a person is staying far away from his/her polling station, he/she is able to vote in advance, remarked Nikolai Lozovik. There is no need for a voter to explain the reasons of impossibility to vote on the day of the general elections.

According to the legislation, at least two election officials are due to be present at the early voting. Receiving a ballot, a voter puts his/her signature and the date of the voting in the list of the citizens eligible to vote.

The CEC introduced several amendments to the recommendations for the district election commissions. In particular, at the end of every-day early voting chairpersons of the district election commissions are set to seal up ballot boxes with a white sheet of paper. Every morning before the opening of the poling stations these sheets of paper should be removed.

There are 110 polling stations in Belarus with an average number of voters nearing 64 thousand.

The general parliamentary elections will be conducted on Sunday, September 28.



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