Belarus imposed customs duties for tomatoes and cucumbers

Seasonal customs duties for import of tomatoes and cucumbers to Belarus were imposed by the President decree #523 d.d. September18, reported "InterfaxZapad.

According to the document, the rate of customs duties for import of fresh or cooled tomatoes and cucumbers was determined at 50 % from the customs value till December 1, 2008 and from March 1 to June 1, 2009.

Besides, till March 1, 2009 the rate of import customs duty for onion was determined at the level of 180 % from the customs value of the produce, for table-beet - at the level of 150 %, for carrot - 120 %, for white cabbage - 75 %. As compared to the previous year, the rates of seasonal customs duties for import of onion increased in 1.8 times, white cabbage - up 2.1 times, beet - up 2.5 times, carrot - up 2 times.

Seasonal customs duties were determined in order to protect interests of Belarussian producers. Seasonal customs duties for some groups of vegetables have been imposed in Belarus evay year since 2004.



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