Belarus, Russia can agree on gas prices

The talks on the price for Russian gas to Belarus continue, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko answered the question of the West-European mass media on Gazprom intention to raise gas prices for Belarus, reported Belta.

Despite Gazprom statements, we continue the negotiations. You should understand: if Russia is going to pursue such policy towards Belarus, we will respond to it in an appropriate manner,§ the Belarusian leader said. He emphasized that Belarus and Russia §can come to an agreement.

According to the President, §there are enough reasons that prove Belarus to be an important factor for Russia, especially today§. §We receive hydrocarbons at a lower price, and Russia exports from Belarus at prices considerably lower that the global ones. Especially it concerns foodstuffs,§ he said.

The Head of State said that §it is not to the benefit of Russia to see our economy collapses§. §You know that our economies are closed interlinked. The trade between Russia and Belarus will exceed $30 billion by the end of the year. That is three times more than the Russian-US trade is. Not to mention such issues as policy, social and military area where Belarus is extremely important for Russia. Of course Russia can raise gas prices by $50 or $100 dollars per one thousand cubic meters and lose much of that I have mentioned,§ Alexander Lukashenko said.



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