Belarus businessmen seek cooperation in Estonian construction sector

Toomas Hobemagi

A delegation of Belarus businessman that visited Estonia recently said that the biggest potential for cooperation is in the construction business, Aripaev writes.

Jelena Nazarova, head of the foreign trade department of the Belarus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that for many Belarus businessmen, Estonia is a window for Europe.

Notably, the delegation included several representatives of large Belarus construction companies such as Stroiprojekt, Stroialjans, Karida-stroi, Grodnozilstroi and Molodetsnenski factory of metal structures.

Among others, the delegation met with Avo Ambur, member of the management board of Eesti Ehitus, one of Estonia's largest construction companies. According to Ambur, Belarus businessmen were most excited to hear that average salary of construction workers in Estonia is almost EUR 2,000.

As a board member of a listed company, Ambur did not say whether Eesti Ehitus was now considering expanding its business to Belarus. "Never say never," was his comment.

In November the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will arrange a similar study tour for Estonian businessmen to Belarus.



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