President of Belarus considers statement on possible military conflict between Belarus and Russia as absurd

In an interview for the West-European mass media, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko ruled out a possibility of a military conflict between Belarus and Russia, reported BELTA.

"No doubt that it comes from our opposition who cries "today - Georgia, tomorrow - Belarus§. They say that tomorrow Russia can deal with Belarus the same way. This statement is absolutely groundless," the President said.

The Head of State briefed: "God forbid Russia to solve any problems with Belarus this way. Only then the world community and, first of all, Europeans would have a good reason to show Russia its place".

According to the Belarusian leader, Russia understands it. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that a military conflict between Belarus and Russia is basically impossible. §A Russian person, a military, cannot hold a Belarusian at gunpoint. We are very close to each other. A military conflict is ruled out," the President of Belarus said.



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