Belarus expects to pay $140 per 1,000 cu m of Russian natural gas in 2009

Belarus should get a competitive price for Russian natural gas, said Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky on September 24 when asked about the next yearős gas price, reported BELTA.

"How much will gas cost? As much as they will sell it at. But it is a matter of negotiations,ő said the Prime Minister. He reminded, a session of the Union State Council of Ministers will take place on October 6 and added he knows the Russian Prime Minister well and treats him with profound respect.

Once again Sergei Sidorsky underscored, the Union State should have a common market. In December 2006 the two countries signed an agreement to lay down the gas pricing formula. For 2009 the agreement specifies an approximate gas price of $140 per 1,000 cubic metres. őI think it will be the upper limit. We estimated the price for Russian gas to be sold to Belarus as high as $129-140 at most. But it is negotiable,ő noted the Prime Minister.



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