In Belarus Jewish Youngsters Launch into Studies

BOBRUISK, Belarus - At the Beit Menachem Chabad Day School in the Belarus city of Bobruisk, children headed back to school this week in Belarus. With the students' new enthusiasm also came an old but golden message. Namely, history teacher Victoria Trubchinnika arranged a special lesson for the youngsters focused on one the greatest tragedies of the 20th Century - the Holocaust.

In addition to speaking about the Bobruisk ghetto and describing the other horrific details about the events of that period, she emphasized the invaluable role played during that time by those persons now known as the Righteous among the Nations. Ms. Trubchinnika and fellow history teacher Galina Dubasova suggested that, since the youngsters will be exploring the theme of the Holocaust over the course of the year, this theme should be introduced at the very outset of their studies.

In following with a tradition that has already run several years, all first-graders received a gift from the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko - the book "My Homeland - Belarus". This year, the student body at the Jewish school has increased with the addition of 14 new pupils.

The Beit Menachem Chabad Day School in Bobruisk is part of the Ohr Avner educational network. As in other cities where such institutions are based, students and teachers alike also benefit from the guidance provided by Chabad Lubavitch emissaries serving in the region. In this case, Rabbi Boruch Lamdan, the head the Jewish community of Bobruisk, is on hand to provide such support.



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