Moldova observers praise Belarus§ Electoral Code as democratic

The Electoral Code of Belarus is one of the most democratic ones, said Yuri Yeremin, head of the delegation of Moldovan observers sent to monitor elections to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, informed BELTA. Yuri Yeremin is also chairman of the group for friendship between the Moldovan parliament and the House of Representatives.

The parliamentarian remarked, before coming to Belarus he examined the Belarusian Electoral Code in detail, comparing it with codes of Moldova and other countries. §We have things to see and learn in Belarus with regard to the organisation of elections for possible assimilation of Belarusian practices in Moldova and for perfecting our electoral code,§ said Yuri Yeremin.

He was confident the parliamentary elections in Belarus will be free, democratic and transparent and will be perfectly organised.

Representatives of Moldova will work as part of the monitoring mission of the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly. According to Yuri Yeremin, they are interested in seeing how people in cities and villages vote, seeing activeness of electors and their mood.

Visiting Belarus earlier, the Moldovan MP got convinced the country is a home to friendly people, who respect their government as they see real life changes with their own eyes. §Those are light illumination in cities, high quality of roads, social infrastructure, economic growth, social guarantees, high salaries and pensions. All of it works for the benefit of people,§ said Yuri Yeremin.



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