Belarus-Mexico cooperation in trade, education, investments looks promising

Belarus and Mexico have great prospects for cooperation in trade, education, investments and other areas, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mexico to Russia and Belarus (concurrent accreditation) Alfredo Perez Bravo told BelTA in an interview.

Talking about the visit of a delegation of Mexican business circles to Belarus scheduled for the beginning of 2009, the Ambassador remarked, he believes that commerce and investments are the most attractive areas for businessmen. "There are major trade prospects," believes the diplomat. "Belarus makes a large number of products which can be sold to Mexico such as food, beverages, clothes, electronics, consumer appliances, information systems and pharmaceutical goods. I would like to note that there are truly no boundaries for trade. Any area provides lots of opportunities".

According to the Ambassador, some Mexican businessmen should have the possibility of investing in Belarus. "Mexico has a lot of experience in this area," he remarked.

"Education is another sphere we can collaborate in," said Alfredo Perez Bravo. "Now we are looking for contact points for cooperation between Mexican and Belarusian universities. Language is a very important topic. I think Mexican universities could help Belarusian universities with developing Spanish language teaching". The diplomat also believes, Russian should be taught in Mexico and Belarusian universities can help with that. "It will help to bring closer our countries," the diplomat is convinced.

"As a matter of fact there are many versatile areas we could work together in and both the governments can concentrate on," underscored the Ambassador. "But first of all it is information sphere I think. We know very little about each other".



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